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[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 16 – Most Likely to Cast the Avada Kedavra Incantation

The idol most likely to cast the avada kedavra incantation on her group members and possibly her management is T-ara’s Jiyeon so that she can finally pursue her acting career full time. She doesn’t look too enthused about being a pop star so it’s only a matter of time before she turns her group mates into dust. So long suckers!!

She's preparing the incantation there.


Her contribution to this drama’s soundtrack is half decent. Good luck!


[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 7 – Idol That Needs Assistance in the Hygiene Department

How many days can you go without a shower? During the summer I shower twice a day for obvious reasons, but during the rest of the year it is once a day, and if I am feeling lazy I will shower the next day but that’s pushing it. The worst feeling in the world is walking around in your own filth. With all the dancing and running around they do, idols sure work up a sweat. Mix that with the shit load of makeup they cake on, the vinyl/leather/polyester outfits and our sexy idols are walking cesspools of bacteria, dead skin cells and perspiration. Common sense dictates that their hygiene would be top notch and that they would probably smell delicious since they are able to access the most fragrant of elixirs to slather all over their rock-hard bodies.

Lee Joon however, does not:

If I can recall correctly, on Sesame Player (a reality show in which MBLAQ was featured) Lee Joon revealed that when he did shower which was not often, he would simply wash his hair with shampoo and let the lather trickle down his body and it would take care of the grime. Lee Joon, that is just gross. You look fresh though, so I will just pretend that you are diligent with your personal hygiene. *gags*

Who would have thought Joonie was so dirty, and not in the good way?

#BEDA Blog Every Day In April: #Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 4 – Hobo

For today’s post I think that I will deviate a little from the list and choose someone who has had an active career as a musician/singer but isn’t necessarily an idol. I chose an idol yesterday, so I think it is okay to go with a celebrity/entertainer this time. This individual is insanely popular, has been credited as being a celebrity that has advanced Hallyu and is the Prince of Asia, at least according to his twitter handle. I loved him back when he was sporting the fade in Beethoven Virus and am waiting for the day he goes back to it, but I doubt it is any time soon.

4. Idol Celebrity/musician/actor/Hallyu-spreader most likely to become a hobo

When you think hobo who else would come to your mind besides the Prince of Asia, Jang Geun Seok? If you watched Mary Stayed Out All Night then you know what I am talking about. Some may call him a hipster but JGS is crossing that fine line between hip and hobo-chic.

Exhibit A:

If you aren’t convinced, check out what he wore to an awards ceremony, Exhibit B:

Hobo Chic

Runner Up: Taemin

#BEDA Blog Every Day In April: #Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 3 – Ring Master

Yesterday I chose Taecyeon as the idol most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse with ease. The brawn and agility would come in handy if one needed to defeat an advancing horde of cannibalistic undead. Choosing today’s topic, however, posed somewhat of a challenge. If I were to base the idol-cum-ring master honour on apperances alone then Taemin would be my choice, but I am going with someone who is used to leading and entertaining the masses.

3. Idol most likely to become a ringmaster.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

I elect SNSD’s Taeyeon as idol most likely to become a ringmaster. She’s already a master at bringing the boys out, and the samchon fans. She’s also arguably the most entertaining member of her own 9-woman circus group with her great voice. If anyone can bring the boys and the uncles- and if we’re gonna make money off this- the ladies, it is this talented lady.

Don't make me snap my whip!

Runner up: Taemin

He just looks like one. Lol.

Toronto to Tokyo’s Spring Playlist, Part 1

It’s that time of the year when we shed our layers and welcome whatever the world has to bring. Here are some of my favourite songs that I have on endless loop. I’ve included a mix of pop and indie folk/rock from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. What are your favourites? Any you would like […]

Painter of the Wind (2008) – Beautiful, Moving. #kdrama

Starring: Moon Geun Young, Park Shin Yang, Bae Soo Bin, Ryu Seung Ryeol, Moon Chae Won

Episodes: 20 (Could have watched 20 more!)

Genre: Period, Romance

Much has already been said about this drama, so all I will say about it is that it was beautiful and I got lost in the world created for this drama with MGY. She is an amazing actress, and I remember seeing her in Autumn in My Heart and being blown away by her performance. She draws you into Yun Bok’s world and it’s a wonderful ride. Bae Soo Bin also gives a stellar performance as the King. He gives a moving performance with his eyes alone. I had heard much about Park Shin Yang but had not seen any of his work, and now understand what the big deal his. He steals many scenes (though no easy task given MGY’s talent). I hope these two are paired together again- they were an absolute treat to watch.

This drama moved me in a way that rarely occurs and will forever be in my heart. The OST is hauntingly beautiful.

Rating: 9.5/10

***The reason this drama does not get the full 10 is only because it took me a good 5 episodes to get hooked. Though really I would give it a 10. Drama, I love you!

04/10/11: Watch this drama again, and give it a solid 10/10.

La Derniere Lecon (couldn’t include the accents lol)

“Otaku power isn’t flashy, but it’s really strong.”

so it’s finally over!!!!

i feel an acute sense of loss.

and i kind of like the way it ended.

the series began with nodame’s unique talent

and ended with that talent.

though i wish there was less about the supporting characters’ love lives and more about theirs

the scene with the two of them sitting on a grassy hill over looking (some body of) water  was good enough for me! lmao

i feel that the song that plays through the last five minutes of the anime, captures nodame correctly.

anyways, now that it’s over and kimi ni todoke has one episode left, i have to find a quality shoujo anime fast!

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