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[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 19 – Idol most likely to win a poetry slam competition

With thoughtful lyrics such as:

I’m John Galliano, Dior, Louis Vuitton,
Van Assche, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana
Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Tuxedo and shoes
Always Dom Perignon Pink
A massive head, cursed physique
I’m a completely different level from youse
I’ll repay you tenfold in a matter of time
If you’re jealous, come at me
But careful, Parterre of your dreams

Sweet stuff, no joke
You won’t be able to sleep because of your fluttering heart
Lalala I’m To-To-TOP
Hey hey, Everybody’s man TOP

I’m always generous, even when my fists are clenched (ie. even when I’m in a fight)
I’m mild, neither greasy nor frothy at all
I’m confident
(Ready or not) No Bingu here

TOP’s most likely to win a poetry slam competition up in the ROK.


[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 18 – Cutest OTP

Fame is a fleeting thing in the world of kpop where new groups debut every week. Established groups release several mini albums to stay relevant and promotional material and appearances can prove ruinous if not executed properly. The one thing that appears to remain constant are the bonds formed between group members over the years of poverty, rigorous training, and once successful, crammed schedules. For some the lack of social life and constant interaction in close quarters with group members may cause misunderstandings and confrontations while others become a surrogate family.

And for some their one true pairing, their soulmate, comes in the most comforting of forms:

MBLAQ’s Seungho even goes about his pizza consumption in a methodical manner:

Seungho lovers, bring the boy a pizza and he might be willing to entertain your fantasies.

My OTP involves myself, pizza and those lips.

Idols and fast food are the ultimate pairing. Just as Lee Jin Ki:

Jinki Lickin' Good.

Honourable mention goes to Yunjae who, while no longer together, will forever be together in our hearts.

True love lasts forever. *wipes a tear*


(credit to owners)

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 14 – Best Live Singer, Male

Kpop is filled with singers who can do anything but sing but there are a handful who have voices that move the soul. I can think of about eight idols who have amazing voices but since its my blog I am taking this opportunity to write about my ultimate bias (and by ultimate I mean no one comes close to him in my mind, even though in reality there are singers who are technically on par with him):


Kim Junsu’s voice has the ability to move you to tears with its beautiful tone and  ability to convey emotions. His voice is unique and I just can’t get enough of it:

His voice is akin to a religious experience. Here is a live performance of my favourite DBSK song. This is pretty much perfection right here. Trying not to cry:

Runners up: 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae, 2AM’s Changmin, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Onew, BIGBANG’s Daesung, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 13 – Idol Least Likely to Remember the Events of the Night Before

South Korea is known for its drinking culture where copious amounts of soju and other alcoholic beverages are consumed by many and is a important aspect of social life. The same cannot be said about idols as their images are strictly managed in order to present innocence and youth to appeal to the masses.

Enter GD&TOP, the rapping sub-unit of idol group BIGBANG, who are more mature in age and image than the average kpop group. G-Dragon (GD), BIGBANG’s front man, songwriter and producer was involved in a marijuana scandal  last year. A drug test was administered  and the tests came back positive but the idol was not charged for any offence. G-Dragon admitted to smoking marijuana, but claimed that he consumed it accidentally:

(sorry I could not find the video with english subtitles)

Even though I am a fan, I can’t help but think that this story doesn’t pan out. Cigarette smoke and marijuana smell different, and G-Dragon claiming that he couldn’t remember clearly but that a stranger handed it to him and he didn’t want to be rude so he smoked it sounds like a bit of a stretch. Since he claims to have been too drunk to remember clearly there is not much to go on beyond that, but I’m still calling shenanigans.

He did pen the track High High afterall:

He does look like he’d be a lot of fun to party with.

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 12 – Idol Most Likely To Be Mistaken For A Mortal

Korean groups are usually comprised of large numbers of idols, usually five and all the way up to thirteen in one group. With so many members vying for attention, it’s easy for some to go unnoticed and be mistaken for a mortal. This is especially the case for today’s idol since he has to share the spotlight with not one but three genetically superior human beings, one of whom easily owns one of the best visages in an industry full of beautiful people (an perhaps one of the best bodies).

While his small stature and unassuming looks may fool most of us, he has proven himself as the talent of B2ST:

Runner up: BIGBANG’s Kang Daesung

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 10 – Clergyman Disguised As An Idol

When he is not lowering the collective self-esteem of Kiss-Me’s with his pretty face, U-Kiss’s Kevin Woo is spreading the word of god through social media:

I appreciate that he hasn’t forgotten to give a shout out to his homeslice after becoming a super-mega-international star.

At least he isn’t referring to himself as a “warrior of light”.  *gags*

Toronto To Tokyo’s Spring Playlist, Part 2

Here’s part two of my spring playlist. I’ve mixed up the genres as I did in part one and I’ve done so because I love to mix it up. Also most songs are older, but I have included some of this year’s releases. I am going to do a Korean indie/ drama sountrack music post one day because there are so many songs I would like to share. Hope you enjoy!

Clazzi – 40 Nights feat. Hyeon Song & Soo Ryun of the KOXX

BEG’s Miryo – Party Rock feat. Gary of LEESSANG & the KOXX)


Ailee – Heaven

OMEGA RESISTANCE ft. MOA – WHAT CAN I DO (English cover/remix of BIGBANG Seungri’s song)

Kein – The Reason

Jhameel – Waves

No Reply – To Look Back

Zitten – Feel Alright (Triple OST)

Casker – New World

Park Ji Yoon – Quiet Dream

Nico Touches The Walls – Bicycle (link)


Veltpunch – Crawl


Han Hui Jeong – The Day We Met

Sweet Sorrow – One Step More

Jang Yoon Joo – Dream (piano ver.)

Nell – Beautiful Day

FreeTEMPO – Immaterial White (If you’ve watched Coffee Prince then you know that it plays in the background while Choi Han Gyul is jogging)

Leehom Wang – The Daily Necessities of Life

Yellow Monsters – April 16th

Perfume – Dream Fighter

Part 3 (the last part of this long playlist), next week!

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