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[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 21 – Idol Most Likely to Go Solo

Many idols have done side projects or have produced solo albums but today I want to talk about one particular idol who   should go solo because I think that they could produce better music than they do in their idol group.

That idol would be Sistar’s Hyorin, whose voice I believe does not necessarily suit Sistar’s sound, and would like to see her explore different genres on her own. I was pretty much blown away by her appearance on Immortal Song 2 and became an instant fan:

She has the pipes, moves, versatility and stage charisma to pull it off successfully.

Runner up: BIGBANG’s T.O.P.  The only time he looked genuinely interested in anything was during GD&TOP promotions.

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 15 – Best Live Singer, Female

Bear with me as today’s post is youtube video-heavy with three female singers. Today’s post is another easy one as this singer has blown the competition out of the water in her short time in the Korean pop industry.  That she is Wheesung’s protege pretty much sums it up:

Ailee is a revelation! Honourable mention to my other two favourite singers with immense talent- Younha who is criminally underrated:

And Hyorin who received the attention she deserved after her appearance on Immortal Song 2:

My favourite performance of hers. So beautiful:

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 12 – Idol Most Likely To Be Mistaken For A Mortal

Korean groups are usually comprised of large numbers of idols, usually five and all the way up to thirteen in one group. With so many members vying for attention, it’s easy for some to go unnoticed and be mistaken for a mortal. This is especially the case for today’s idol since he has to share the spotlight with not one but three genetically superior human beings, one of whom easily owns one of the best visages in an industry full of beautiful people (an perhaps one of the best bodies).

While his small stature and unassuming looks may fool most of us, he has proven himself as the talent of B2ST:

Runner up: BIGBANG’s Kang Daesung

[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 8 – Best Weave on a Man

Today’s topic poses a little challenge for me since I am not too fond of weave and because choices are limited between Shinee’s Taemin and Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Both idols have been sporting hair extensions much to my dismay during their promotions, and so this choice is really about which freaks me out less.


Can we get a detangling comb here? *gags*

The weave is unnoticeable here due to the blue gorilla fur growing out of Jiyong's back.


During Lucifer promotions:

His hair is less offensive here.

If Taemin’s weave during Lucifer was given consideration then he would win, however I am comparing the weaves of both men during this year’s promotions and Taemin’s tracks are visible during live performances. For the record, I find both Taemin’s and G-Dragon’s hairstyles gag-inducing, but I think Best Weave goes to G-Dragon based on execution.

Favourite Performances From This Week’s IMS 2 (02/11/12)

I love (!!) Immortal Song 2 and will be posting my favourite performances of the week from here on out in one post so that I am not posting several videos on twitter. I would rather have one post/tweet. I am a HUGE fan of Shin Yong Jae, so forgive me if he’s on here every week.

This week’s (Feb. 11, 2012) show featured songs by Cho Young Nam:

Shin Yong Jae (4Men)

Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul)

ALi (who could read off of a menu and I would be thrilled)

Anyone else wondering what Taemin of SHINee origin is doing on IMS2? He sounds better than I thought he would, to be honest.

videos from of CapsuleHD8

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