[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Days 22 through 26

I am not sure how I managed to miss five days worth of posts but I am enjoying BEDA and will complete it.

Day 22: Most Precious Idol – UKISS’ Dongho

Look at this baby-faced cutiepie. So precious.

Want to pinch those cheeks!

Day 23: Most Likely to Become a Frat-boy – SHINee’s Minho

Minho is very attractive and is athletic. That’s pretty much it.


Back from the kegger.

Day 24: Most Likely to Be Regina George

One of the Jung sisters. Both of the Jung sisters. It’s genetic.

Day 25: Biggest Flirt- BIGBANG’s Taeyang

When he’s not busy teaching us how to dougie, he’s kissing IU and making the moves on Go Hyun Jung.

Day 26: The Head Bitch on Campus – SHINee’s Resident Diva, Key

I don’t even know why Mir tried to go up against Diba.

Key dances better than my unnis.


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