[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 14 – Best Live Singer, Male

Kpop is filled with singers who can do anything but sing but there are a handful who have voices that move the soul. I can think of about eight idols who have amazing voices but since its my blog I am taking this opportunity to write about my ultimate bias (and by ultimate I mean no one comes close to him in my mind, even though in reality there are singers who are technically on par with him):


Kim Junsu’s voice has the ability to move you to tears with its beautiful tone and  ability to convey emotions. His voice is unique and I just can’t get enough of it:

His voice is akin to a religious experience. Here is a live performance of my favourite DBSK song. This is pretty much perfection right here. Trying not to cry:

Runners up: 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae, 2AM’s Changmin, SHINee’s Jonghyun & Onew, BIGBANG’s Daesung, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun


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