[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 11 – Idol Most Likely To Trip Over Air

Other than a wardrobe malfunction, tripping in front of fans is probably the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a performer. While variety show gold, tripping on stage is generally hard to watch and I always wonder how they manage to go unscathed and continue as if nothing had happened a moment before.

For today’s post two idols (well I’m not sure if one is an idol any more but he is a first-generation idol) take the prize of Idol Most Likely To Trip Over Air. Gravity genuinely has it out for these two since they manage to spend more time on the ground than upright.

This idol’s 선배  has been giving him a run for his money with his new variety program Shinhwa Broadcast, where he cannot seem to make peace with gravity, but Shinee’s Onew is well known for tripping everywhere whether he’s doing it for entertainment purposes or not. He falls so often that it’s been dubbed 온유 상태, or the Onew Condition (the term fans refer to encompasses his overall cuteness, 애교, and general awkwardness):

I’ve got a different kind of 온유 상태:

This first generation idol, my second choice, can’t seem to stop spilling over on his variety show Shinhwa Broadcast. I found Minwoo cute before but he became 1000 times cuter after witnessing what I dub 민우 상태:



(gifs: kpopcorngifs)

And some more Onew, because it is just too hilarious. This is probably the reason why I am crazy over him (besides his amazing voice):


God, I love this man.

(gifs: fareencheolyong)


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One response to “[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 11 – Idol Most Likely To Trip Over Air”

  1. saphirya says :

    When the BEDA start I was into ShinHwa like am I now, so I didn’t really paid attention to those GIF, but now that I’m trying to not miss a ShinHwa Broadcast episode, I will be totally agree with you about Minwoo even if most of the time it’s probably script ( true variety-dol) he is still really adorable…

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