Toronto To Tokyo’s Spring Playlist, Part 2

Here’s part two of my spring playlist. I’ve mixed up the genres as I did in part one and I’ve done so because I love to mix it up. Also most songs are older, but I have included some of this year’s releases. I am going to do a Korean indie/ drama sountrack music post one day because there are so many songs I would like to share. Hope you enjoy!

Clazzi – 40 Nights feat. Hyeon Song & Soo Ryun of the KOXX

BEG’s Miryo – Party Rock feat. Gary of LEESSANG & the KOXX)


Ailee – Heaven

OMEGA RESISTANCE ft. MOA – WHAT CAN I DO (English cover/remix of BIGBANG Seungri’s song)

Kein – The Reason

Jhameel – Waves

No Reply – To Look Back

Zitten – Feel Alright (Triple OST)

Casker – New World

Park Ji Yoon – Quiet Dream

Nico Touches The Walls – Bicycle (link)


Veltpunch – Crawl


Han Hui Jeong – The Day We Met

Sweet Sorrow – One Step More

Jang Yoon Joo – Dream (piano ver.)

Nell – Beautiful Day

FreeTEMPO – Immaterial White (If you’ve watched Coffee Prince then you know that it plays in the background while Choi Han Gyul is jogging)

Leehom Wang – The Daily Necessities of Life

Yellow Monsters – April 16th

Perfume – Dream Fighter

Part 3 (the last part of this long playlist), next week!


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One response to “Toronto To Tokyo’s Spring Playlist, Part 2”

  1. amarmirch says :

    sweet playlist

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