[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 7 – Idol That Needs Assistance in the Hygiene Department

How many days can you go without a shower? During the summer I shower twice a day for obvious reasons, but during the rest of the year it is once a day, and if I am feeling lazy I will shower the next day but that’s pushing it. The worst feeling in the world is walking around in your own filth. With all the dancing and running around they do, idols sure work up a sweat. Mix that with the shit load of makeup they cake on, the vinyl/leather/polyester outfits and our sexy idols are walking cesspools of bacteria, dead skin cells and perspiration. Common sense dictates that their hygiene would be top notch and that they would probably smell delicious since they are able to access the most fragrant of elixirs to slather all over their rock-hard bodies.

Lee Joon however, does not:

If I can recall correctly, on Sesame Player (a reality show in which MBLAQ was featured) Lee Joon revealed that when he did shower which was not often, he would simply wash his hair with shampoo and let the lather trickle down his body and it would take care of the grime. Lee Joon, that is just gross. You look fresh though, so I will just pretend that you are diligent with your personal hygiene. *gags*

Who would have thought Joonie was so dirty, and not in the good way?


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2 responses to “[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Day 7 – Idol That Needs Assistance in the Hygiene Department”

  1. Divalcious says :

    Lmfao I picked him for idol most likely to become a hobo. Obviously I didn’t read this whole list right away coz he would’ve been my choice for this one too.

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