[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 6 – Worst Live Vocals, Female

The sentiment that I wrote yesterday about singers possessing the ability to sing regardless of their idol status seems to be one that many have judging from the comments posted on the Youtube video below. One can argue that an idol is simply there to entertain but I still maintain that if you are up on that stage you should be able to carry a tune, if not, then choose another platform on which to exploit your appearance such as television. I need not say more as this video is self-explanatory. How Yoon Jong Shin managed to keep his composure is something I would like to know:

Goo Hara is well known for her singing ability, or lack thereof. There is someone who I believe has no business being lauded as a singer. Her voice is nasal and the fact that she sings with the conviction of a first-class singer makes it even more pitiable. Most will disagree with me, fans of SNSD anyways, but come on! Most of her group mates sing better than her but they are relegated to the periphery.

I cannot wait until we get to choose best singer, I do not enjoy writing about how poorly idols sing. It isn’t fun.


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