[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 5 – Worst Live Vocals, Male

When I think of idols, vocals are the last thing that come to mind. Idols are known for their entertainment value whether it is their ability to dance, their level of attractiveness, their personalities, and their ability to entertain young and old on variety programming. An idol that can carry a tune is lauded for this ability but I believe that if you are a singer, idol or not, you should be able to carry a tune. Not everyone has the vocal capacity to explore different vocal registers but if it sounds like a frog is dying in your throat then I would prefer that you stepped into the background.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have limited knowledge of current idols and so my choice for Male Idol with the Worst Live Vocals stems from 2009. This was when I was just a year into the Korean pop scene and so was much more willing to give 13 member groups a listen. I enjoyed the experience of idolatry then but still remember the reaction I had when I heard this idol perform the massive hit of that year live:

(There are other videos of this song which illustrate my point clearly but I’m tired so just imagine how poorly Siwon sings.)

There are probably idols out there now that sing worse than Shisus, but I chose him and this performance because it is still such a vivid memory in my collective kpop experience and because he is arguably the most visible member of the group and so it bugs me that I have to listen to this fuckery. If you have the first line in the song, I expect flawless delivery. You are trying to pique my interest, not make me run for the hills. And as gorgeous as that warrior of light is, that voice made me run for the hills.

Tied for 1st: 2PM’s Chansung, who literally sounds like he’s taking a dump every time he attempts to vocalize. I enjoyed 2PM until this dude started getting larger parts. This is just cringe-inducing:


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