#BEDA Blog Every Day In April: #Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 3 – Ring Master

Yesterday I chose Taecyeon as the idol most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse with ease. The brawn and agility would come in handy if one needed to defeat an advancing horde of cannibalistic undead. Choosing today’s topic, however, posed somewhat of a challenge. If I were to base the idol-cum-ring master honour on apperances alone then Taemin would be my choice, but I am going with someone who is used to leading and entertaining the masses.

3. Idol most likely to become a ringmaster.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages…

I elect SNSD’s Taeyeon as idol most likely to become a ringmaster. She’s already a master at bringing the boys out, and the samchon fans. She’s also arguably the most entertaining member of her own 9-woman circus group with her great voice. If anyone can bring the boys and the uncles- and if we’re gonna make money off this- the ladies, it is this talented lady.

Don't make me snap my whip!

Runner up: Taemin

He just looks like one. Lol.


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