[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: #Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 2 – Zombie Slayer

After yesterday’s post I realized that I enjoy kpop as a casual listener and I do not know much about it to complete a whole month’s worth of posts. I haven’t paid attention to kpop debuts since 2010 so I am a bit behind on the times, but I figure if there ever was a time to catch up with the crowd, doing it for such a hilarious list of blog topics would be worth the homework. Here and there idols may overlap in posts, and I may choose older idols because… why the hell not?

2. Idol most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

In order to survive a zombie apocalypse one would need an arsenal of weaponry, safe haven, food and water. If the oncoming zombie apocalypse is anything like that of AMC’s The Walking Dead plague, well then, we’re all fucking doomed. Which idol would be able to make it? I have no idea because I doubt any one would have access to any of the items needed should humanity fall and the dead rise to feed on the living.

I figure brawn will have great value during the apocalypse due to the fact my assumption that massive musculature can turn any old item into a deadly weapon such as a screwdriver or a hub cap, and so I’m placing all my bets on:

Was this post a shameless excuse to objectify this beefcake-y idol? Just enjoy the delicious-ness. And apparently he’ll have a stash of cola to sustain you during the madness.

Runners up: 3/6 or one-half of 2PM; Jung Ji Hoon (I know he isn’t an idol :P); Lee Hyori

If you’ve watched Family Outing then you know that Hyori can survive a zombie apocalypse. Girl learned how to schlep it in the boonies where she acquired survival skills and was vicious when needed.


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3 responses to “[BEDA] Blog Every Day In April: #Kpop Superlative Challenge, Day 2 – Zombie Slayer”

  1. Joshua Gonzales (@DisplacedKorean) says :

    I would totally want to accompany 2PM in case they have intimate needs to be satisfied. I mean if the world is coming to end the one thing everyone wants to do is have sex a couple more times. 2PM-Displaced Korean Zombie Apocalypse orgy! 😀

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