Toronto to Tokyo’s Spring Playlist, Part 1

It’s that time of the year when we shed our layers and welcome whatever the world has to bring. Here are some of my favourite songs that I have on endless loop. I’ve included a mix of pop and indie folk/rock from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. What are your favourites? Any you would like to add (leave a suggestion in the comments section)?


I would have included all of their discography but I have whittled it down to four songs. Here are two:

Love Again

Tell Yourself

John Park

As with Clazziquai, it is difficult to choose just one song from his album. The album is beautifully written with gorgeous melodies and John has quite the voice.


Why is This

니아 – Vision

Vodka Rain – Difference

EXO-M – History

Awesome Planet – What Do You Think

Earls – Shining Star


the KOXX – Jump to the Light

capsule – JUMPER

Yoga Lin – Freedom

Atari Kousuke – Natsu Yuuzora (Natsume Yuujinchou OST)

Shinhwa – Venus

안녕바다 – Devil

Glen Check – Metro

Psy – Right Now

K.Will – Calling You

And because I’m Canadian,

Lights – Banner

Part 2 coming next week.


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