Painter of the Wind (2008) – Beautiful, Moving. #kdrama

Starring: Moon Geun Young, Park Shin Yang, Bae Soo Bin, Ryu Seung Ryeol, Moon Chae Won

Episodes: 20 (Could have watched 20 more!)

Genre: Period, Romance

Much has already been said about this drama, so all I will say about it is that it was beautiful and I got lost in the world created for this drama with MGY. She is an amazing actress, and I remember seeing her in Autumn in My Heart and being blown away by her performance. She draws you into Yun Bok’s world and it’s a wonderful ride. Bae Soo Bin also gives a stellar performance as the King. He gives a moving performance with his eyes alone. I had heard much about Park Shin Yang but had not seen any of his work, and now understand what the big deal his. He steals many scenes (though no easy task given MGY’s talent). I hope these two are paired together again- they were an absolute treat to watch.

This drama moved me in a way that rarely occurs and will forever be in my heart. The OST is hauntingly beautiful.

Rating: 9.5/10

***The reason this drama does not get the full 10 is only because it took me a good 5 episodes to get hooked. Though really I would give it a 10. Drama, I love you!

04/10/11: Watch this drama again, and give it a solid 10/10.


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