Joseon X-Files 기찰비록 : Secret Investigation Record. Cinematic. #kdrama

Cast: Kim Ji-Hoon, Lim Jeong-Eun, Kim Kab-Soo, Jo Hee Bong
Episodes: 12
Genre: Science-fiction, Period, Mystery

I had all together abandoned this blog, but had to rave about this drama so decided to write again. Yes, Joseon X-Files is just that good.

Set in the Joseon period. this drama follows Kim Hyeong-do (KJH) an investigator that works for the government and his aide Jang Man (JHB) as they investigate strange phenomena. They meet Heo Yoon-yi (LJE) who is also involved in their line of work for secret entity headed by Shin Moo-Hoi? (KKS). As each episode progresses, our investigators come across bizarre, seemingly otherworld-ly circumstances. Whiles some of the monsters aren’t very scary, certain episodes will have you inspecting dark corners of your room to make sure you don’t have any visitors. While not frightening by any means, this drama certainly builds and maintains suspense and becomes more suspenseful with each episode as you try to make connections with previous ones.

This drama is a rare treat with beautiful cinematography. It really was eye-gasmic at times. Lent a richness to this drama and made it stand out. I cannot recall a drama that had this cinematic appeal to it.

The plot was tight, something moving the plot along at every turn. At times, I could feel my eyes widening! This I appreciate as less = more (each episode was 44 minutes) is almost non-existent in the KDrama world. I have yet to watch the last episode but could watch more. However, I believe that the plot is stronger for this. No filler, all killer I suppose.

I particularly love how Assistant Heo’s character is developed, under-developed rather. We never really know what she’s up to, whether she is on the protagonist’s side or if she has her own agenda. Can’t quite put my finger on her, and I love it!

I have to mention that Kim Ji Hoon is as photogenic as they come. Each frame with his visage is all the more beautiful. *Swoon*

While I am not particularly a fan of these genres, JXF is a must-watch. And thanks to it, I will be willing to explore these genres in the future, particularly sci-fi. Though JXF has set the bar so high, I don’t think anyone could touch these genres, expecially sci-fi again and do it justice.

Character Development: I don’t really think this applies here, because it is such a short drama and it’s about plot rather than the characters/
Plot Development: ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ (of 5) Can I give this a six? Bloody brilliant.
Acting: ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ (of 5) Jo Hee Bing is a pleasure to watch.
Overall Appeal of Dorama: ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ (of 5) Can I also give this a six? Or a ten. Absolutely fantastic. I can’t recall a drama I have liked more, in terms of its aesthetic. Brilliant.



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