Down With Love, Pêng-an!

a1, originally uploaded by starjerry.

now that down with love has come to an end, i would say that i miss it because ella and jerry were so cute!

but i am glad the drama came to an end because there weren’t any significant plot threads left hanging…


yang duo and ke zhong have something six years later… yawn. not that interested.
the chinese lawyer is looking hot and making ke zhong jealous. cool, but not anything interesting.
yang guo and yu ping get married, have kids- one is on the way. it’s nice to know that they end up together but my heart is not soaring at the sight. yang guo going into labour is a funny sight.
i find it hard to believe that yu ping’s ex (can’t remember her name- the one with the weird voice) would accept their union considering the lengths at which she went to keep them apart- but gotta wrap the show somehow!

all things considered, i really enjoyed this drama. at times, jerry’s speech delivery sounded forced. but he was so cute when he was falling in love that by the end of it i wanted to give him a big smooch and call him mine. ella was adorable and funny in this- i haven’t seen anything else that she has acted in but she fits the tomboy role (guess cuz she is). my sundays and mondays are empty now. 😦

TtT rating of: 8/10

~ you will love it if you need a sweet (it takes a while) romance
~ ella’s voice will grate on your ears, but you will start to love her after a good 5 episodes or so (approximate time length. ella love-ification varies according to the individual)


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