Okay so I am like soooooooooooooo excited for this new anime.
Haven’t watched a samurai anime in a long time, and there are some bishounen characters too! What more could you ask for?

The main character Chizuru is in search of her father (a doctor), and has gone to Kyoto, dressed as a man, to find him.

She is about to be attacked by (I don’t know, like a zombie samurai), a Shinsegumi saves her.

Because she has been a witness to things they would like to keep a secret, the Shinsegumi bring her back to their headquarters, and agree to watch over her until they find her father (turns out they are looking for him too).

And so this is what we find out in Episode 1.

I enjoyed it! Maybe I am getting too excited for this anime, but I love the look of the anime, the time in which it takes place (mid 19th century), and hot samurai.

Hakuouki Episode 1: 8/10


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