Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge, originally uploaded by Capy_87.

So another cool anime this season!

I can’t lie, I’m pretty hyped for this season.

Last season I only watched Nodame, and the last few episodes of Kimi ni Todoke that went onto the winter season from the fall season.

This anime is about Ko Ichinomiya, a young man who is trying to make his own way in life, despite being the heir apparent to a large company. He refuses to help or receive help from anyone, because he was raised to be independent, so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid being indebted to someone.

One day he’s standing on a bridge and his pants are stolen by some teenagers and they’ve hung them high up on the bridge (haha, I know right?).

While trying to retrieve his pants Ko fall into the river, and a girl saves him. His worst fear, owing someone a favour, proves to be difficult for him to come to terms with but he figures that since she lives under the bridge she must want a home.

She refuses his offer(s) but then simply tells him that he can do something for her- “love me”. (How cute)

Artistically, this anime is gorgeous. The colours and stylistic approach to the drawing of the anime are lovely.

And Ko is just hilarious. He’s so uptight (haha reminds me of J).

“You’re a green greeny.”


Episode one was bizarre and funny. I’ll probably keep watching it since it appeals to that weird side I have.

Arakawa Under the Bridge Episode 1: 7.5/10


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