Cinderella’s Sister (Unni) Episodes 1 & 2

(photo from dramatomy on flickr)

So finally!

The drama we heard about, nonstop, for weeks is here.

And it lived up to the hype.

Episode one begins with Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) and her mother, in her mother’s boyfriend’s home. Eun Jo is preparing a meal in anticipation of them having to leave the boyfriend’s home (bf has been hitting mom).  Eun Jo and cute chubby kid (boyfriend’s son) are sitting down eating, when Eun Jo hears her mother’s screams.

Eun Jo and her mom are now trying to run away from the boyfriend. The boyfriend’s son is sad to see Eun Jo go, because no one else is around to care for him, nonetheless, he helps them escape (for the time being) by stalling his dad. (This kid is crazy cute. He even jumps on his dad at one point, in slo mo, leaving me in giggles)

After some running, Eun Jo & mom catch a cab, and duke it out in the car. Mom wants to go back to get the ring that boyfriend has hidden away in his closet. Without mom’s knowledge, Eun Jo grabbed the ring while packing while in anticipation of their subsequent escape and mother’s reluctance to leave without it.

When they board the train to get away, (mom’s) boyfriend has sent some thugs to drag them back (ring in hand of course). The girls try to escape, but the hired goons are right behind them.

With nowhere to go, Eun Jo and mom can only lock themselves in adjacent bathrooms. Eun Jo doesn’t know that her bathroom is occupied by a schoolgirl (Seo Woo). Something transpires between the two, and then the next scene cuts to…

Eun Jo back at the boyfriend’s house. He won’t let her go until her mom come back with the ring. And so her mom has gone with the school girl, Hyo Sun to fetch the ring she has kept in her house.

Several days transpire, but Hyo Sun is reluctant to give Eun Jo’s mom the ring because that means she will be leaving. And Hyo Sun, whose mother died when she was young, desperately wants a mother figure in her life. Eun Jo’s mom, without a place to go, surveys the vast estate owned by Hyo Sun’s father and sets out to woo him.

Which she does successfully, and so she sends two men to come and fetch Eun Jo.

The two men that arrive are employed by Hyo Sun’s dad, one of them being the cute Gi Hoon (Chung Myung Jung, what a cutie!!), who instantly takes a liking to her.

Eun Jo tries to escape while at a rest stop (she told them she needed to use the bathroom), but Gi Hoon figures that she would try to escape and chases after her.

(The scene where he’s chasing her, and trying to grab her but grabs the pencil holding her hair up, and so her hair comes cascading down her back and she turns around and looks at him- and his reaction to it- was lovely. You could feel how in that moment, his breath was taken away by her  wild beauty)

Finally, after chasing her for what seems like longer than her skinny body could withstand, he catches her and takes her back to Hyo Sun’s home.

Eun Jo refuses to go through the fallout of her mother’s relationships. Having to witness her mother meet sleazy guy after sleazy guy, she’s not willing to go through it again, but somehow her mother convinces her that this is the last time, last man (sure, with a house as huge as that!).

So I am gonna speed through this b/c it’s going to take too long!

Eun Jo and Hyo Sun finally meet one another, and aren’t they surprised. (During the time that Eun Jo locked herself in the train bathroom occupied by Hyo Sun, she gave her the ring and asked her to safeguard it)

And so begins their life as stepsisters (Yes ma and pa get married). Eun Jo finds Hyo Sun annoying (and so do I to say the least- Shut the F*** up girl), and Gi Hoon’s happy-go-lucky attitude is grating her emo soul.

She is also seeming jealous over the growing relationship between her mother and Gyo Sun. Conversely, Gyo Sun is becoming jealous over the attention Gi Hoon is showering over Eun Jo (Gi Hoon is now her math tutor).

Episode two ends is a nice juicy slap from mom to Eun Jo, who is playing it up for Gyo Sun’s dad (Eun Jo pushed Gyo Sun out of the way and she fell).

So with that crappy recap, here are my thoughts:

Moon Geun Young: Being Korea’s Little Sister and all, I was not sure if you could pull off the jaded, not-willing-to-communicate-and-trust-others Eun Jo, but you have done so quite convincingly. When your eyes are bulging out while screaming your distaste for mom’s choice in men, or when you are grimacing when people try to converse with you, I believe you. And that can be hard (given the state of acting today, lol).

Seo Woo: STFU!!!!! You have already gotten on my nerves. But I will give you credit for trying really hard to portray a character approximately 8 years younger than you are. You kind of creep me out though.

Chung Myung Jung: It must be the ‘ung’s in your name that make you so cute!!! It’s hard not to love a guy with a smile like that. I like you already. Like you even more when you get pissed at your brother. Kind of hawt.

Taecyeon: You’re not here yet. Boo!

Rest of cast: aptly appointed roles. The way Eun Jo’s mother reacts after registering her marriage- I feel for the woman. She’s finally someone’s daughter-in-law. When she said that, it pulled at my heartstrings.

Cinderella Unni Episode 1: 7.5/10

Cinderella Unni Episode 2: 7.9/10


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