should rename this blog

and have it include dorama & anime nerd

i watch a considerable amount of korean drama, a lot of japanese drama, a bit of anime

so that’s why i have reviews or thoughts on asian media

initially this was just a place for me to post my thoughts on photography- others and my own

but i guess i’ll be doing more than that!

so on with the review!

i have watched the first episode of personal taste,  son ye jin’s highly anticipated (in my mind) return to korean dorama and lee min ho’s second project, probably equally anticipated.

and what do i think?

maybe given the cast, I was expecting more. son ye jin is an outstanding actress. most people didn’t enjoy Alone In Love, but I though it was a great drama, and I loved her in it.

maybe it’s a little too early to drop this one. what initially drew me to this drama besides it’s cast was the premise (lee min ho’s character is mistaken as being homosexual, and uses that to become son ye jin’s roommate). i wanted to see how they would expound this character’s sexuality. but i am not sure if i will be watching it long enough, to see how it plays out.

here’s why:

~ Son Ye Jin’s character, Park Gae In is dim-witted, to the point that she didn’t realize that she was being dumped. Okay, so the dude got down on one knee, so that can be misleading, but come on. He hasn’t been returning your calls or TAKING YOU OUT ON DATES. right… but i will give son ye jin some credit. only she can make a character so clueless and pathetic, endearing. this may be the reason why i come back.

~ Said boyfriend will probably come back crying to her (even though he is getting married to her childhood friend. yes, the wench. while there is a possibility for your best friend to be with your man, in reality you would have found out by now, and kicked them both to the curb). however, given the sheer idiocy of our Gae In, she didn’t find out until she arrived at the venue hosting the (scumbags’, plural) wedding.

~ Im, Seulong? Why, oh why did you agree to play such a monkey of a character? Or have you made a monkey out of that character? I love you to death, but you are awful in the few scenes you have. maybe you will redeem yourself? jo kwon would have been better suited to play Kim Tae Hoon

i did manage to have a few laughs here and there:

*Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) accidentally grabs Gae In’s tush, in an attempt to protect his model (he’s an architect, i think). and Gae In, in return grabs his tush, which  startles the poor boy and he drops his model home/condo. (all of this on public transit, and no one intervenes. at least in toronto, you can count on the special constables, LMAO)

*Jin Ho and his associate are in an elevator, and associate’s zipper is stuck. for some reason (comic relief), Jin Ho decided to assist him and when the elevator doors open, it appears as if  Jin Ho is performing… yeah, it was kind of funny.

what didn’t give me laugh was the scene where Gae In’s personal assistant tries to force himself on her when she is drunk (after being dumped by that scumbag). gae in kicks the shit out of him, but still… i guess because i have had something like that happen to me before, it freaked me out.

anyways, episode 2 better be awesome. it might be given where there left off. if not, i may drop this one.

personal taste, episode one: 6/10

thanks to dramatory on flickr for the pic



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