Dong Yi

(source: dramatory via flickr)

so this is my first foray into saegeuk (historical) drama, and i am intrigued.

i thought that i wouldn’t enjoy this genre, but  episode one of dong yi has convinced me that i will enjoy it.

we’ve got your classic noble, hard working lower class vs the self-righteous upper class.

a female protagonist with brains, yay! (dong yi notices that the police are not processing the corpse according to proper procedure)

a secret group known as the sword fraternity, undermining the nobility and helping slaves to freedom.

the sword fraternity’s leader is none other than the pathologist (who is of “lowborn” class, the father of Dong Yi, and the man who played Kang Hyun Soo’s father in Smile, You).

and bae soo bin! yes, i love him. there is something about him that is delicious.

i can’t wait for the next episode. ji jin hee!!! and while han hyo joo isn’t the greatest actress to grace us on screen, there is something about her that i like. 😀

dong yi, episode 1: 8/10



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