nodame cantabile… finale?!

i dropped nodame for a while, a month or so, because i  found that the storyline wasn’t as interesting as the previous two seasons.

i am glad that i took the break and came back to it because i have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of episodes that i have watched (9 & 10, 8 was okay).

episode 10 went to a place that I didn’t see the series going…

nodame asked chiaki senpai to marry her!


and then she sank into acute depression (well, that’s not a surprise given the emotional and at times physical {for comic relief} abuse she’s had to endure from this dude).

and she performs with milch (say it with me now, miruhe)——-well that was not much of a surprise.

but then the biggest surprise of all of chiaki senpai’s reaction to all of this: he’s depressed b/c she hasn’t been answering his calls, he finds out she’s w/milche, figures he’s been dumped by her (which he probably never saw coming), and concludes that he will accept her proposal.


so, pleasantly surprised but hate how she’s crying while holding his shirt. but after three seasons, i’ve gotten used to nodame’s desperation concerning chiaki senpai.

can’t believe it’s almost over— one episode left.

the phenomenon known as nodame cantabile has come to an end.

hopefully episode 11 will tie up some loose ends, and i won’t be crying for more (like i did after one and two ended their respective seasons).



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