wanted: dorama to fill time that should be used to complete

…assignments in an timely fashion.


now that Smile, You and Pasta (waiting for the last two episodes to be subbed!) have come to an end, my heart feels empty.

things have not been great on the anime front. bleach should be renamed blah and nodame cantabile has failed to capture the addictive-ness of its predecessors. kimi ni todoke is sweet, now that the storyline has shifted back to the two main characters (the ryu-chizu love story took up half of the episodes, wtf!). i re-watch random episodes of honey & clover on days when there is a chill in the air.


i need something to make me feel warm on the inside. a story that will put a smile on my face.

any suggestions? (to all of my readers) ha. ha.

started watching tokujo kabachi because i looooooove horikita maki!


and waiting for Down with Love to be subbed/released is hell! It’s a sweet drama and I love watching it. Jerry Yan is growing on me and Ella’s voice is no longer grating on my years ears. (though i am sure listening to her voice did take years off of my lifespan)

oh, what to do!?

—-i may have just found that dorama i was looking for! Hi My Sweetheart is the outrageous mess of a comedy i may have been looking for! ” da lung, down allow your da jie to be the gray-haired surviving the black-haired!” muahahaha ❤ those sidekicks who are named after numbers—-

(image source unknown, sorry! but at least i acknowledge that it’s not mine! video: youtube)


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