Down With Love- a Coffee Prince substitute?

√ one bowl haircut adorned tomboy desperately seeking employment to support self/sibling/family

√ one privileged “good looking” playboy seeking employee, possible love-interest

√ one friend of said playboy, kind, friendly, charming, cute, many other positive adjectives + horn-rimmed glasses

√ one femme fatale toying with the hearts of both playboy and friend of playboy

Sounds like everyone’s favourite korean drama, no?

Okay, okay. So Down With Love is not a complete remake of the Korean hit dorama, however there are some parallels, like the four main characters mentioned above.

note: both dramas have a bitchy & annoying sister that needs to stfu.

The lead female character, Yang Guo (Ella Chen) does odd jobs to support herself, and her sister who only have each other to call as family. Her sister is employed as a legal secretary by the lead male character, can’t remember his name Yu Ping, played by Jerry Yu.

Jerry’s character is seeking a nanny for his troublesome niece and nephew who are under his guardianship after the death of their father (their mother died when the second child was born). So, his secretary suggests that her sister be their nanny.

And so begins the interesting and interconnected lives of the lawyer and his nanny, and the love that grows between the characters.

This is the first time that I am watching a taiwanese drama, and I am really enjoying it! I get this warm, fuzzy feeling that I would get while watching Coffee Prince.

Much has happened in 5 episodes: *spoiler* the children find out that their mother has not in fact died, rather abandoned them, subsequently meet her, she is hit by a vehicle, and is hospitalized- all in one episode.

So far, I would rate it 3.9/5.



One response to “Down With Love- a Coffee Prince substitute?”

  1. Dorama-san says :

    I love your checklist – so typical of a Dorama, yet we love them anyway don’t we?

    I will have to watch this now – its been on my list but I didn’t realise it was out already!

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