Smile, you… annyong!

(photo courtesy of dramatomy via flickr)

Smile, You is over!

I loved this show, but I am not as sad as I usually am when dramas end.

It was a sweet show about family, love, and how hard it can be to maintain the two.

Lee Min Jung (pictured above-right) is absolutely loveable as Seo Jung In but her voice gets annoying after 35 episodes. She is dumped at the altar, and the story follows how this event is the catalyst for the union of two families.

The dorama lagged at times, perhaps due to it’s extension.

But it had it’s endearing moments, especially between the lead couple.

And by the end of the drama you wished that you had a grandfather like Haraboji!

Smile, you: saranghamnida!

TtT rating: 4/5 ❤


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